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Hello FLORIDA! (+69.1 Miles)
December 16, 2006: Migration Day 73

All RIGHT!! They're in Hamilton County, Florida and just 2 more flights from the end! Today's lead pilot Chris reported all 18 birds flew the distance, but it was a tough flight. With air temps aloft over 60 degrees (warm!) and a 6 mph headwind, the birds got very tired. It took over two hours to cover the distance. (See why crane #605 had a good day.) Tomorrow looks like a possibiity again, but we'll have to wait to see. They've traveled 1034.9 miles. Go Cranes!

In the Classroom

  • Today's Journal Question: The team has decided to give Joe a special and unusual holiday gift. Today he's in the welcoming arms of his wife Diana, and his young daughter, Alex, in CANADA. They put him on a plane because they wanted to be sure he is home for Christmas, his birthday (also Dec. 25th), and for his daughter's Christmas Party. The team plans on making him proud as they deliver the Class of 2006 to their Florida winter home. It's the first time this dedicated and splendid leader will not fly to the finish line. If you were Joe, how would you be feeling today?

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