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What a Day! Just ONE More Flight (+62.8 Miles)
December 18, 2006: Migration Day 75

The cranes and planes took off for Gilchrist County and (we hope) the last stop before they reach the layover pen. It was a long, tough day. Four of the chicks dropped out about 5 miles from the new site. Pilots and ground crew spent the entire day locating two of the four chicks that dropped out. Late in the day they finally found and picked up one bird. At nightfall the location of the last bird was still unknown. Trackers will resume the search in the morning. The other 14 landed safely at the Gilchrist County site.

Despite worry and exhaustion from today's events, excitement is mounting. The public is invited to view the trikes and chicks fly over the Dunnellon-Marion County Airport during their final flight on this year's journey. This will take place tomorrow if the weather is right. Be there at 8 a.m. or watch for the latest news here. The team can almost see the finish line!

In the Classroom

  • Today's Journal Question: Like you, students everywhere are trackiing the young cranes's first journey south. Some are lucky enough to be along the migration route. Do you have a pen pal? What are some fun things about having a craniac pen pal?

Craniac pen pals in Canada and the US are sharing surprises. Have a look!

Ontario, Canada and Louisville, KY
Ontario, Canada and Houston, TX
Ontario, Canada and Tampa, FL

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