Meet the New 2007 DAR Whooping Crane Chicks!

Photo: Danielle Desourdis, USFWS Intern

Crane #45-07 DAR

Date Hatched

June 11, 2007



Weight: 5.3 kg

Egg Source: ACRES

Permanent Leg Bands:

Left Leg:
W/G and PTT


Right Leg:


Personality and History

After hatching at ICF, this chick was nicknamed "Tweezer" by caretakers, but her real and only official name is DAR 45-07. She often seems more like the baby of the group, even though she is not. She is always first to come for snacks, and Marianne can hear Tweezer's stomach growl! She is a good size female.

She and DAR #36-07, 41-07 and 46-07 were released together by a pool on Necedah NWR, on the evening of October 29. They flew to the nearby
main sandhill crane roost, which was also occupied by the adult pair #312 and
#316, but Tweezer and #41-07 returned to their release area during the night.

Early the next day (Oct.30 ) DAR 45-07 was found dead, killed by a predator (probably a coyote), near the release site.

First Migration South:She was killed before she could begin migration.

Last Updated: 10/31/07


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