Happy New Year from the Ground(+0 Miles)
January 1, 2008: Migration Day 70

Is this an adult or a juvenile Whooping Crane? How do you know for sure?
Photo WCEP

Wow. For the first time ever, the migration has lasted through December and gone into a whole new year. It started 2008 with day 3 on the ground at Tennessee's Hiwassee Refuge. The skies are clear and the temperature good, but the right-way winds are TOO strong for safe flying.

Public Viewing: Are you in southeastern Tennessee? When they leave, see the departure from the gazebo at the Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge between the towns of Dayton and Cleveland, Tennessee. To reach the refuge from I-75, take exit number 25 onto Highway 60 and go north on 60, passing through the town of Birchwood, heading towards Dayton. Brown refuge signs will lead you east (right) on to Shadden Road, then right on to Blythe Ferry Lane, and left on to Priddy Road.


In the Classroom
Today's Journal Question: What do you think the team is most hopeful for in 2008? What things are YOU most hopeful for?

Migration History: Take a look at the number of days to complete the migration after leaving Cumberland County, Tennessee in past years. Then make your prediction for the ending date of migration 2007.

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).