Blowing: Not Going (+0 Miles)
January 8, 2008: Migration Day 77

The new flock's first family (#211, #217, #W1-06) in Florida. Juvenile W1-06 was on her parents' territory when they arrived on January 4, 2008. Trackers will continue to monitor these three birds closely to see how they interact. Thank you for the report, Sara!

Photo Eva Szyszkoski, ICF Tracking Team

The cranes have come 854.1 miles, and that won't change today. Our friend Mark Chenoweth of Whooper Happenings interviewed Operation Migration's Bev at the Haralson County stopover site. Hear Bev's comments about no-fly days like today..

audio clip (55 sec.)



In the Classroom
Today's Journal Questions:
(a) Describe what you see in the photograph above. Why is this a Big Event?
What adage or (wise old saying) did Bev quote in her audio clip above? What is your favorite adage?




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