Day 2 in Coweta County, GA (+0 Miles)
January 11, 2008: Migration Day 80

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Day 80! That's a number never before seen on these ultralight-led migrations. Thanks to poor flight conditions (wind, rain, clouds), it's another delay in moving ahead to Florida. Today is day 2 on the ground in Coweta County, Georgia, with 877.2 miles gone.

s words about the flight two days ago remind us why caution is more important than haste: "After Chris and Brooke took off, I launched with 17 chicks for the short flight to Coweta County. We were met with rough air as we climbed out. The chicks had a hard time getting on the wing, but they kept trying, and eventually formed up in a long line off my left wing. We continued climbing slowly, battling rough air all the way in search of smooth air that never came. With trike and birds being tossed like rag dolls in the rough air, some of the chicks could no longer keep up, and about 7 miles into the flight 8 chicks began to fall behind, eventually to be picked up by Brooke and Chris." And all landed safely!


In the Classroom
Today's Journal Question:
The chicks don't count days. They just follow their "parents" on days good to fly. How would their first migration south be different if these chicks had been hatched by parents in the wild? Think of at least two ways: list one difference in their choices for flight days and one difference in who teaches them the route.




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