Fog Ahead: No Go (+0) Miles)
January 13, 2008: Migration Day 82

This is what it looks like in the territory ahead of them!
Photo Operation Migration

After gaining 83 miles yesterday, the team was thrilled to awaken to good flight conditions at Marion County, Georgia. But plans were dashed when they learned that a thick fog blanket lies all the way to the Georgia/Florida border. They'll stand down, with 960.3 miles gone.


In the Classroom
Today's Journal Question:

Fog is the problem today. In yesterday's Operation Migration Field Journal, pilot Brooke wrote: "There is great beauty in fog when it is not all bunched up in one place, but scattered in various yet vague geometries across the landscape. It totally obscures here, teases definition there as it plays with vision and perception." What IS fog? What do you like and not like about fog?




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