Too Windy Again (+0) Miles)
January 14, 2008: Migration Day 83

The 4th Grade Craniacs in Nekoosa, Wisconsin raised $1150.00 for Operation Migration. Congratulations to these wonderful students!

Alas, ill winds are blowing no good. It's down day #2 in Marion County Georgia with the Florida border teasingly near. If you think you're dismayed, imagine how the team feels!

Let us think instead about the fact that, thanks to the untiring efforts of these dedicated pilots, team, and members of the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership, 59 wild Whooping Cranes are flying free where they vanished over a century ago. In addition, 7 Direct Autumn Release (DAR) birds and 17 chicks in the Class of 2007 have been taught most of their lifelong migration route. An endangered species is growing!


In the Classroom
Today's Journal Question:

Normally the second half of this migration takes only 17 days. If that average prevailed for the Class of 2007, they would arrive in Florida by mid January, which is tomorrow. When do you predict they'll arrive?

Crane Crafting: Would you like to fold a paper crane with the “Hartman Crane Folding Factory” method? See their photo-by-photo directions.



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