Overflew 2 Stops to Florida! (+138 Miles)
January 15, 2008: Migration Day 84

We are jumping with joy! Despite winds a bit strong up top, the team decided to give it a go — and ended up with the best day of the migration! They actually overflew TWO stops and reached Hamilton County, FLORIDA! Chris, today's lead pilot, took off with all 17 birds behind him. When it finally came time to land, the warming of the earth had created thermals around the stopover location and the birds took full advantage of them, soaring around the landing strip. With vocalizers blaring, pilots had to catch the birds' attention and bring them down safely. They did, and the tally stands at 1,098.3 miles gone. WHAT A DAY! GO, WONDERFUL CRANES!


In the Classroom
Today's Journal Question:

It was a chilly 32F on the ground this morning, but much colder and windier aloft. How do you think the pilots keep warm in the open cockpits? See what Joe says.>> How do you think they felt when they landed in warm, sunny Florida?

Crane Crafting: Celebrate by folding a paper crane with the “Hartman Crane Folding Factory” method! See their photo-by-photo directions.



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