Waiting On the Florida Weather (+0 Miles)
January 16, 2008: Migration Day 85

Look at that map! Isn't it wonderful to see the dot in Florida? Only two flights remain, but weather is again in charge. They've reached Hamilton County, with Gilchrist County next, and finally Marion County, Florida for the arrival flyover. (See county map.) Chris, a weather expert as well as pilot, predicts they'll be able to fly on Jan. 18 to Gilchrist County and on Jan. 20 to the layover pen and grand finale.

Why do they go to a layover pen instead of directly to their pen at Chass? One reason is that it's a much easier site for the arrival health checks and permanent banding to take place than hauling everything by airboat to their remote pen at Chass. But there's another big reason; read about in today's journal question. They've come 1,098.3 miles of the estimated 1,250 mile journey!


In the Classroom
Today's Journal Question:
Why did the team begin using a layover stop instead of delivering the birds directly to their pen at Chassahowitzka NWR (Chass)? Answer in your journal after reading more. >>




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