Rain Halts Flight Plans(+0 Miles)
January 17, 2008: Migration Day 86

The layover pen at Halpata Preserve is ready and waiting.

Photo Marty Folk, Biological Scientist with the Florida Fish & Conservation Commission

It's raining, so this is day 2 down in Hamilton County, FLorida. With just two flights to go, it's a disappointment to be grounded. Gilchrist County is next, and it's rainy and foggy there, too. Fingers are crossed for a flight tomorrow. The finish line is so close! Excitement is mounting. The public is invited to view the trikes and chicks fly over the Dunnellon-Marion County Airport during their final flight.


In the Classroom
Migration Math:
How many Whooping Cranes are in the new Eastern Flock? Use this information on locations, current as of last week:

Adult Whooping Cranes were distributed in Indiana (3), Tennessee (18), Alabama (2), Georgia (2), South Carolina
(4), Florida (22), and undetermined (8); the hatch-year 2007 chicks include the surviving DAR chicks and the Class of 2007 chicks on migration, now in Hamilton County Florida.



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Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).