A Wild Detour For All But One (+? Miles)
January 23, 2008: Migration Day 92

Photo Operation Migration

Today was tense and wild. Poor flying conditions developed soon after takeoff and soon came the worst crane rodeo of this migration. The planes popped in and out of the fog (something that spooks the birds) as the pilots searched hard for a place to land early. Dropouts (including 709, 710, 712, 717, 721, 723 and 724) landed everywhere, and at one time four birds were unaccounted for. Only one (#721) was still missing at nightfall, with the flock divided in two counties. Only one bird (#710 with Brooke) made it to the day's destination in Gilchrist County. (More below.) The team may be able to get the rest of the birds from Suwannee County to Gilchrist County tomorrow. If so, it would complete the last migration leg before the flight to Dunnellon and the long- awaited Arrival Event and Flyover.

Please visit Operation Migration's site for the latest news. Never suspecting the migration would last until now, we scheduled maintenance for Jan. 24-27. As a result, no crane reports will appear until Jan. 28. Look for our catchup reports then. Good luck, cranes and Operation Migration Team!



In the Classroom
Journal Question:
(a) As Liz reported at one point during this crazy day: the team had 4 birds to recover, trailers stranded at their Hamilton County stopover, planes stuck on the ground in Suwannee County, ground vehicles helter-skelter, top cover trying to figure out whether to go north or south, and poor Brooke waiting all alone in an isolated spot in Gilchrist County with his lone bird, likely for hours more, until the team could sort out the logistics and take the next steps. So, what's the worst day you've ever had?

(b-for-Bonus) List 2 or more difficulties caused by having the birds in more than one site for the night. Think about jobs to do, equipment needed, and other factors.



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