No Flyover but a "Party" Anyway (+0 Miles)
January 25, 2008: Migration Day 94

Photo Annelise Trubelhorn

Hopeful craniacs gathered at Dunnellon Airport to see the cranes fly over on their way to Halpata, but the weather didn't cooperate. The cranes stayed home, but Middle School students from Tampa Preparatory School in Tampa, Florida, were there. Their teacher, Ms. Trubelhorn, reported that the day was a huge success despite no flyover: "The students were able to meet the pilots, scientists, and the founders of Operation Migration. We then viewed and sat in a Cessna, which is the top cover plane during the migration. The hosts of the Flyover showed our students a fantastic film and answered many, many more questions about the migration and the cranes.  Finally, one of the hosts planned for a free visit to the Homosassa Springs Park/Zoo, where two captive Whooping Cranes live. We were the first school group ever to try to attend this event and they were very excited to see us. We finished the day with visiting the Homosassa Springs Park to see the two Whooping Cranes and celebrate their Hippo's 48th birthday!! "  (Thank you, Ms. Trubelhorn, for news and more photos!)



In the Classroom
Journal Question:
If you had been with the Tampa Prep students, what do you think would be the next best thing to seeing the cranes fly over?

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