No Flight? Trick or Treat! (+0 Miles)
October 31, 2007: Migration Day 19

No flight today, but it's Halloween everywhere!

Photo Operation Migration

Sorry to say it's another down day. Green County weather is giving them overcast skies, and a chance of rain. Humidity at 77% and surface winds at 13 mph out of the southwest meant the team could catch a few more winks of sleep this morning. Tomorrow is a new month and a chance for better weather to get out of Green County's grip.


In the Classroom

  • Record Keeping: Are you keeping your migration chart updated? How many fly days and how many down-days so far? You might be interested to click on the links for past years, scroll to the bottom and read the NOTES about highlights and lowlights of each year's migration.
  • Journal Question: How is record keeping valuable as years go by? What records exist about YOUR life and times?
  • Migration History: The birds are safe in a special permanent pen at this stopover site, but it hasn't always been such a fine pen. Go back to the first year of the migration to read what happened in Green County, Wisconsin.

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).