Hello INDIANA! (+89.6 Miles)
November 9, 2007: Migration Day 28

Photo Chris Gullikson

GO CRANES! After crossing the state line into Indiana and skipping over one stop, the pilots and 15 birds landed safely in Boone County, IN. They flew just over 2 hours! It was a long trip with some bumpy air, and two birds (#733 and #727) dropped out. They finished the trip in the tracking van (see details on their updated life story pages).

In the Classroom

  • Migration History/Today's Journal Question:
    How does today's location compare to last year's on this date? >>
    (b-for bonus) How many days were they stalled at the Boone county stopover in 2006?
  • Migration Math: Work It! How many miles has the migration traveled so far? On how many days have they flown? Handout >>
  • Weather Watching. At the Texas wintering grounds of the wild whooper cousins, Tom Stehn reports 181 adults + 30 chicks = 211 total Whooping Cranes at Aransas NWR on November 8th. What kind of weather helped them? Look for the answer in the rest of Tom's report: "A strong cold front that lowered temperatures throughout the flyway and reached Aransas on November 5th apparently really got the cranes moving south," said Tom. "I estimate about 80% of the flock has completed the migration. Between 30 and 50 whooping cranes are presumably still en route to Aransas. I expect more cranes to arrive at Aransas on November 14-15 with a Pacific front forecast to reach the Texas coast late on November 13th."


Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).