Un-flyable Winds (+0 Miles)
November 14, 2007: Migration Day 33

Photo Operation Migration

It's a beautiful day in Morgan County, Indiana, but the team will be stuck here for a 4th day. Why? "WSW surface winds favor a flight plan to Philadelphia, and aloft, it looks like we'd be blown to St. Louis, Missouri," reported Liz from the OM office. Those winds won't get them closer to Florida! Alas, it looks like 2 more days until calm winds and a gentle push aloft from northwest winds will get them out of Morgan County.


In the Classroom

  • Today's Journal Question: When do you predict adult crane #524 will reach Florida? Meet this crane and learn more about his life! (TIP: To inform your prediction, look at this bird's history of migration departure and arrival dates. Also see DAR 27-06's page for Fall 2007 news to compare.)
  • Crane Crafts. After reading yesterday's report about Nadia and Eve's success selling origami cranes to help migration expenses, would you like to fold your own cranes? See directions here! >>
  • Fourth Graders Making HUGE paper crane! The 4th graders in Nekoosa, Wisconsin are at it again, says teacher Heidi Hartman.They are building the town’s largest paper crane to get attention to their origami paper crane fundraiser to help pay for this migration! The students and their cranes will be on a parade float in their town on December 1. See their web site to share in the excitement of this project. >> Three cheers for these good-hearted and generous students!


Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).