Rain, Rain Go Away (+0Miles)
December 5, 2007: Migration Day 54

Down Again
Photo Operation Migration


It's raining in Russell County, Kentucky, so they won't be able to reach Tennessee today as hoped. The bright side is that there's still a chance for people to see the departure from this stopover. The pilots will try to fly over the Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery near the Wolf Creek Dam (map and directions). Liz at Operation Migration reminds everyone: Be there by 6:45, dressed warmly!

Yesterday Joe wrote in the Operation Migration log, "I’ve often wished that we had some way to pass on messages that the cranes could understand, like whispering in their ear. We’d give them little pointers to help them along like,“if you tuck in behind the wing tip, you can get a free ride,” or, “keep following and we will take you to a place where it’s warm.” Joe had some other thoughts for #703. See today's Journal Question!


In the Classroom

  • Today's Journal Question: (a) Read this >> about #703's flight yesterday. Now imagine you are Joe talking to #703. What would you say to help teach the bird who wants to be boss? (b-for-bonus) Joe talked about #703 using misplaced aggression. Have you ever picked on someone smaller or weaker or kinder just to help yourself feel better when someone got mad at you? Can you think of a time when someone directed misplaced aggressed at you?
  • Migration History: ICF tracker Sara Zimorski sends news that several of the flock's whoopers are or already have been at Hiwassee Wildlife area, where the chicks are headed. They include: 107, 415, DAR 28-05, DAR 33-05, 212 and 419, 505, 420, 520, and DAR 46-07. Yesterday 3 more adult Whooping Cranes (512 and 408, 519) finished their migration and arrived in Florida. You can read their whole migration history on each bird's life story page.



Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).