Not a Day for Flying (+0 Miles)
December 9, 2007: Migration Day 58

Getting a little exercise. . .
Photo Marie Brady, Operation Migration

It's day 3 on the ground in Cumberland County, Tennessee. Winds blew at 30 mph at the altitude they'd need in order to fly over Walden Ridge ("The Beast"). But don't be discouraged. Last year on Migration Day 58, the team and birds were in the same place: stuck in Cumberland County. It was the NINTH (but final) day of waiting. Let's wish the team good luck and better weather tomorrow!


In the Classroom

  • Migration Math: (a) What is the average distance flown per flight-day?
    Date Miles Flown
    Dec. 6 60.1
    Dec. 4 64.4
    Nov. 25 48.6
    Nov. 23 51.4
    Nov. 16 60.9
    Nov. 10 55.2
    Nov. 9 89.6
    Nov. 7 59.3
    Nov. 3 62.8
    Nov. 1 35.8
    Oct. 28 45.6
    Oct. 25 23.7
    Oct. 23 18.0
    Oct. 13 04.0
    # Days Flown: # Miles Flown:

    How many miles of the approximately 1,250-mile journey remain? If they had perfect flying conditions every day, and if they flew the average number of miles per day that you calculated above, how many days would it take to finish the journey south? What would be the date?


Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).