Two More Days Till Fly Day?(+0 Miles)
December 15, 2007: Migration Day 64

#733 with Megan last week
Photo Nathan Hurst, Operation Migration

It's another no go, and the opposite of yesterday's story. Today the temps and cloud ceiling at 7,000 feet are good to go, but the winds are wrong way. Yesterday the winds and temps were good to go, but the low cloud ceiling made safe flying impossible. But the team sees real hope of flying to Hiwassee 2 days from now. We all hope along with them!

Students at Paul B. Stephens School in Clearwater, Florida shared how they named the cranes according to their personalities. Here are some of the names sent by their teacher, Ms. Hirschberger: #733 is Rizzo, #716 is "Maymee" (since she was born in May and has the same birthday as me, the teacher), #712 is "Radar," #707 is "Peewee," #717 is "Brave Heart," #710 is Fraidy Bird," #726 is "Big Bird," #735 is "Tweedy," #703 is "Wick," #706 is "Nestles," #714 is "Fiesty," #724 is "Muscles," #721 is "Molly," #713 is "Fred," and #727 is "Iggie." Well done, students!


In the Classroom
Today's Journal Question:
What names would YOU give to each of this year's crane-kids? REmember that the fewer notes in their life story page, probably the better-behaved they are. The good ones are wonderfully dependable, so there aren't many stories about them! (What names are good for dependable, loyal followers?)
(b-for-bonus) It's down day 9 in Cumberland County, Tennessee. Has the team ever been down 9 days in one place ever before? What's the record for days down?
Survey migration records here to get your answer.


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