Never Before: Time Out Until Dec. 29
December 18, 2007

Like the Operation Migration team, Journey South will be back with daily reports on December 29. We leave you with a story about Taylor, a 10-year-old craniac from Georgia:
Taylor Flies With the Cranes!

It's a FIRST in the 7-year history of these migrations: The team has called "time out" until December 29. Even after 11 days and two tries, the weather has not let them escape Cumberland County. They miss their families after 76 days on the road, and the holidays are coming. The birds are safely in a fresh pen site with lots of room to let them out for exercise. A pilot, an intern and another expert will be there to watch over them. The aircraft are safely tucked into a hangar. Other team members are homeward bound today, but they will be back together and ready to fly again on December 29.

The second half of the migration has always been swift, and we will follow it to the finish. We share these words of Joe Duff in the Operation Migration Field Journal: "We are confident the birds will still follow us. In fact these birds have followed better than most. . .We would all enjoy our holiday more if the migration were finished. We have a big job to face in the New Year, but relaxing for a few days will help ease the stress and rejuvenate us for the final push. We can all take pride in the fact that if we haven’t finished it yet; it’s not for lack of trying."



In the Classroom
Today's Journal Question: (a) In calling time out, the team is doing something they've never done before. Write how you feel about the decision.
(b-for-bonus) Take a look at the number of days to complete the migration after leaving Cumberland County, Tennessee in past years. Then make your prediction for the ending date of migration 2007. Join us again on December 29 to follow them to the finish!

Migration History: See where the migration was a year ago today. >>

Classrooms in Action: Earlier you saw the names chosen for the Class of 2007 chicks by students at Paul B. Stephens School in Clearwater, Florida. We have photos to share about this exceptional group of students who are following the migration!

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).