Headwinds Halt Hopes to Fly (+ 0 Miles)
January 1, 2009: Migration Day 66

Chris took this photo of the birds upon their arrival in Chilton County, Alabama on December 30.
Photo Chris Gullikson, Operation Migration

Winds are straight out of the south, so the cranes and planes will spend New Years Day in Chilton County, AL.

In the Classroom:

  • Today's Journal Questions:
    (a) Last year January 1 was Migration Day 70. It was the first time ever for the migration to last through December and go into a whole new year. Why do you think the ultralight-led migrations have lasted longer with each passing year? Consider the big topics of environmental concern as you put together your thoughts.
  • (b-for-bonus) Yesterday we told you where the rest of the new Eastern flock ended the year. Do you think it's (1) unusual or (2) normal for the birds to be at these locations? See this map if you are curious about the range of Whooping cranes in Eastern North America before they all disappeared in this area over a century ago.

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).