No Progress Today for "Chass 7" (+ 0 Miles)
January 18, 2009: Migration Day 83

Yesterday 7 cranes (see arrow B) glided down to land in their new pen at St. Marks NWR. Costumed Brian Clauss and Jane Chandler (arrow A) stood between the two large ponds in the pen. After the birds landed, Brian and Jane led them into the top-netted section (arrow C). The birds will stay there until their final health check later this week. Each bird will also be fitted with permanent leg bands and transmitters at the health check. Jane and her Patuxent co-worker Scott will supervise the St. Marks 7 until the "Chass 7" are safely delivered. Then Bev and Brooke will take over until the birds decide it's time to migrate north to Wisconsin.
Photo Joe Duff, Operation Migration

Headwinds aloft kept the seven cranes at the Jefferson County staging area from getting nearer their own winter home at Chassahowitzka NWR, 3 flights away. Brooke and Brian are with the "Chass 7:" 824, 819, 804, 803, 818, 814 and 827.

Meanwhile, the "St. Marks 7" (805, 812, 813, 826, 828, 829 and 830) are settled in their brand new pen-within-a-pen. They created a world of thrills and excitement at yesterday's flyover celebration!

The team members are reorganizing and repairing today. But they are eager to get going again, and Chris said the weather looks good for a flight tomorrow. The "Chass 7" could be home in 3 days!

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).