Arrival Celebration! One To Go (+ 60 Miles)
January 22, 2009: Migration Day 87

If you were at the flyover, this is what you saw. Click for more!
Photo Mark Chenoweth


The soaring Chass Seven thrilled onlookers at their arrival flyover this morning and were in their Halpata pen by 9:30 Florida time. Brooke took off with all seven and landed with all seven in the glorious Florida sunshine. Hear Brooke tell what it's like to fly with the birds! Next stop: their release pen at Chassahowitzka NWR and FREEDOM! With luck, that 26-mile flight will happen tomorrow. The pilots will do their best to lead them over the Homosassa Wal-Mart parking lot en route to the winter release site. The 2008 journey south is nearly over. Relief and joy!

Audio clip: Mark Chenoweth, Whooper Happenings

In the Classroom:

  • Journal Question: In 2006 the young cranes arrived at Halpata on December 19 and stayed until January 12. During this time they had a health check and got their permanent color-coded leg bands. Then the team flew the birds over to their final winter pen at "Chass." But this year the team hopes to fly them the final distance tomorrow. Why do you think the plan changed?


Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).