Windy Sunday on the Ground (+0 Miles)
November 23, 2008: Migration Day 38

Photo Heather Ray, Operation Migration

The winds are out of the south and the headwind aloft would be 25 miles an hour! They're staying on the ground today. Operation Migration's Liz Condie gives this heads up for a flyover viewing opportunity!

"With the hope that the improving weather forecast holds, we thought we'd better get the location for a potential flyover viewing opportunity posted. We've found what we think might be a good site for folks to gather to view the cranes and planes when we depart Piatt County for Cumberland County.
It is at the on westerly edge of the town of Milmine at the intersection of 22 (Milmine Road) and Bodman, just before crossing the railway tracks. We suggest you use MapQuest or GoogleMaps to come up with driving directions to it from your home location.

"Remember - safety first. Please park your vehicles well off the road and be respectful of private property. You will want to be on site by sunrise - approximately 6:50AM - and dress warmly. Also remember, that you could make the trip for naught if conditions are such that the cranes and planes are unable to fly.

"Assuming we can fly, there will be a crew member at the viewing site to meet and chat with those gathered, as well as offer those interested an opportunity to purchase some OM Gear."

Sunday today; no Classroom Activities.

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).