No Go: Storm in Flight Path (+ 0 Miles )
November 28, 2008: Migration Day 43

Photo Operation Migration

Woe! The winds today are perfect, but a rain storm cell just to the west is on track to cut right across today's flight path. The storm would meet with the cranes and planes about half way to the next stop. They are down for the day in Union County, KY. Ahead is one more stopover in Kentucky, and then it's on to Tennessee. Here's hoping the good winds return tomorrow! Distance covered so far: 462 miles.

No Flyover Opportunity from Union County

Liz at Operation Migration announced: "Apologies to those who would have liked to have viewed a departure of the cranes and planes from Union County. Despite thoroughly scouring the countryside, we could not find a suitable viewing location. We could not find even one that met at least two of our three main criteria. However, our hoped for flight path does go over the town of Dekoven, and while by that time they may be fairly high, keeping an eye peeled may reward the viewer with a glimpse."

No Classroom Activities Today:
Thanksgiving Break

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).