Wrong-way Winds, Drizzle (+ 0 Miles )
December 1, 2008: Migration Day 46

Arrival Time is Brooke's favorite.
Photo Chris Gullikson

The migration is stalled for day two in Marshall County, Kentucky, at 525 miles gone. But if you missed the past several days (flights on Nov. 26, 27, and 29), you've got some fun to catch up on! Here's part of Brooke's Field Journal entry for the wonderful flight Nov. 29:

One would think the best of migration times would be while flying with the birds, but in fact, for me, it is the 'just-having-flown' time — the arrival time. It's the period just after landing from a long flight when the birds are still exuberant from effort and challenge, more than a little shy because of their new surrounds, but hugely inquisitive, alert, and, most endearing of all, they are most trusting.

They surround you in quick animated motions and look up at you with cocked heads, their piercing eyes asking, "OK, Big Bird, you brought us here, now what?". . .All I had was a bag of grapes and some corn.. . So as the chicks lined up in front of me, I gave each chick a grape with my puppet head as he or she passed by, along with my best wishes in a sacrament of gratitude and thanksgiving. I sensed a calming, almost spiritual effect favor us, one which lingered until Richard appeared on the hill top and signaled the pen was ready. Dutifully this little congregation followed and were soon safe in their pen.

In the anticipation of and hope for good flying weather tomorrow morning (Dec. 2), Liz announced a site for folks to gather to view the cranes and planes upon departing Marshall County, KY for Carroll County, TN. Meet in front of the Lighthouse Missionary Baptist Church on CR1264 (also known as Flat Road), which is off Hwy 402.
CR1264 (Flat Road) is between Jackson School Road and Wilkins Road. MapQuest or GoogleMaps will help you to come up with driving directions from your home location.


In the Classroom

  • Today's Journal Questions:
    (a) What would be YOUR favorite time if you were an Operation Migration pilot?
  • (b-for-bonus) Why did the pilots nickname #813 "cosmos" last summer? Is it still a good nickname? (See updated bio page.) What name did the team give #829 before migration? Is it still a good name? (See updated bio page.)

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).