Took Off, Turned Back (+ 0 Miles)
December 6, 2008: Migration Day 51

Photo Heather Ray, Operation Migration

After take-off, the birds resisted flying into the winds they met. After 30 minutes of trying, the pilots took the hint and wisely turned back. Everyone is safe at the Hardin County (Tennessee) pen site where they arrived yesterday. The migration is 645 miles gone, and the pilots are pretty sure they will gain miles tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Watch Them Depart

Thanks to Horse Creek Wildlife Sanctuary and Animal Refuge in Savannah, TN, folks can watch a departure flyover. Go to 13780 Hwy 69 South, Savannah, TN. Use the entrance marked “North Gate” and follow the road in and to the right, down the hill. Turn right where the sign says "Watermelon Hill" and proceed up the hill to the viewing stands. Be thre by sunrise, dress warmly, and remember: The weather has the final say in whether they fly.


Eastern Flock Wild Whoopers Migration Update
Fourteen birds are safely in Florida. A total of 18 birds completed their migration to Florida, but for some unknown reason four whoopers headed back north and are in southern Georgia. Sara is now back north, tracking the Whooping cranes that are migrating through Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Five biologists are currently tracking the older whooping cranes and the 2008 DAR (Direct Autumn Release) birds along the eastern flyway. Considering there are 74 free-flying cranes in this population, it’s not easy!

Photo and Story: Joan Garland, ICF 
The Tracking Team: Richard, Eva, and Sara. Missing: Tom Czubek and Rosemary Hartman, ICF Tracking Interns.

In the Classroom:

No Activities Today (Saturday)

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).