Blowing, Not Going (+ 0 Miles)
December 13, 2008: Migration Day 58

Richard and his birds after yesterday's landing in Franklin County, Alabama.
Photo Joe Duff, Operation Migration

Yesterday they added 57 miles for a grand total of 702 miles gone. Today it's no go. A large crowd gathered to watch them depart shortly after sunrise, when all four trikes took to the air for a test flight. But just minutes later Chris radioed the bad news to Liz as she waited with the crowd: "Tell the folks we're going nowhere. We've got at least an 18 mph headwind up here and we're coming down."

Watch Them Depart!
The flyover viewing location when they leave Franklin County is the old airport parking lot at Russellville Airport, just off Hwy 243, right beside the fuel tanks. Be on site no later than 7am and dress warmly. Also remember that you could make the early morning trip in vain if the weather/wind turns out to be unfavorable for a flight.

Saturday today: No Classroom Activities

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).