No Go. Strong Wind, Bumpy Air (+0 Miles)
January 4, 2010: Migration Day 73

Photo Captured from Operation Migration CraneCam


They've been in the same place so long that the cranes might think they are home. Richard launched in his trike for a test flight but found bad news: strong north winds blowing a steady 10 mph on the ridge over which the cranes and planes must climb, and speeding winds aloft along the entire flight path. Seeing snow on the radar screen makes it even more urgent to get going. With these cold temperatures the snow could pile up and stay. Imagine the planes and cranes trying to take off if snow accumulates. Impossible! Progress to the finish could be swift, but it will take a change in the weather. Hang in there with the team, and hope for good changes soon.


In the Classroom

  • (a) Write a statement that summarizes the trend shown in this table. Explain why you think this trend is happening. (In 2008 the team changed the route in hopes of changing this trend but the weather has not been as expected.)
    Left WI Arrived FL # of Days
    Oct. 17, '01 Dec. 3
    Oct. 17, '02 Nov. 30
    Oct. 17, '03 Dec. 8
    Oct. 17, '04 Dec. 12
    Oct. 17, '05 Dec. 13
    Oct. 17, '06 Dec. 19
    Oct. 17, '07 Jan. 29, '08
    Oct. 17, '08 Jan 17/Jan 23
    Oct. 16, '09
    (b-for-bonus) Climbing up through rough air to higher altitudes and smoother air has challenged the cranes on the past two flight attempts. Learn more from Joe and answer the question here: Why do you think the cranes can't climb as fast the ultralight planes?

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).