No Go. All Together, and All Wet (+0 Miles)
October 23, 2009: Migration Day 8

Yesterday afternoon the team decided tobox up and drive the last 8 chicks to Stopover #1.
Operation Migration

Whew! One week ago today they left, and what a week! Not until late yesterday were 20 birds finally united at Stopover #1. (See the report, now edited and called Day 1 - 7.) Today's photo shows you how those last 8 birds got to their flock mates, four miles away. The team hopes that being in unfamiliar territory will make the birds pay closer attention to their ultralight parent and follow better as they leave. The short distance was also a way to give them a successful first flight without tiring as they build up their strength. With all chicks together again, they're raring to go — but today's weather brings nothing but drizzles and drenchings! The team shares your feelings of impatience at the delays. Not to worry: the weather will soon be in their favor, and our young birds will continue this most unusual adventure!

Best of all, we can watch and listen to the action, thanks to the world's first live CraneCam (being set up today at Stopover #1) and TrikeCam!




In the Classroom

  • Today's Journal Question: (a) In total, how many of the Class of 2009 had to be boxed up and transported to Stopover #1? (HINT: Check back and reread the news about Days 1-7 and the news above.)
    (b-for-bonus) Why do you think the team made the decision yesterday to box up the last birds and drive them over to join the others?
  • Migration History: Your migration comparison chart has a space at the bottom for NOTES. What will you note about the unusual events of Week 1?


Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).