Wa-HOO! On to Stopover #3! (+26.4 Miles)
November1, 2009: Migration Day 17

The TrikeCam is mounted on the ultralight of today's lead pilot, Chris Gullikson. This was his view!
Photo: Screen Capture off
Operation Migration TrikeCam

Oh, Happy Day! Powered by pumpkins and the cool air that's best for flying, they burst out for a great flight to Stopover #3 at Sauk County, Wisconsin. Chris had 18 at take off and landed with six, while Richard landed with 12. Even the two birds that were slow to come out of the pen (#901 and #905) finished the flight with Brooke's ultralight. NO crates were needed for the first time this migration. The ground crew will scope out the next and final stop in Wisconsin (Green County) to be sure everything is ready. Will they arrive there tomorrow?

Did you see the flight on the TrikeCam mounted on Chris's wing? If not, the CraneCam will show you the birds in their pen at Stopover #3.



In the Classroom

Today is Sunday — your day off!

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).