No Go. Winds Against Them (+0 Miles)
November 6, 2009: Migration Day 22

Which is the older chick ? What clues do you see?
Photos Bev Paulan
Operation Migration

Here's how they knew before sunrise that today would be spent on the ground in Winnebago County, IL: The temp was warming, already at 43 F. The winds had swung around, with breezes coming from the east and southeast. The weather forecast said winds would gust to 20-30 mph on the surface. At 2,000 feet altitude where they'd be flying, the south winds are slamming along at 40 mph. In that headwind, imagine flying a 400-pound open aircraft. You must hold steady and steer with your own strong arms pulling on a bar. Your baggy white costume flaps hard in the wind. You keep turning your head to be sure the lead birds, only inches from your wings, are out of harm's way. It sounds impossible and dangerous— and it IS! Let's hope tomorrow will bring cool air and mild northwinds, and spend time today enjoying the journal questions!

Check out the TrikeCam mounted on Chris's wing. If you don't see live feed, you can review archived footage here. (CraneCam views of the birds in their pen will be available when they reach the next stopover.)


In the Classroom

  • Today's Journal Questions: (a) When you travel, what makes a good place to stop for the night? Click on the photo for a slide show about setting up the crane-kids' travel pen. You’ll be able to answer the journal question: Why do you think the team has TWO travel pens?
    (b-for-bonus) How have YOU changed in the past year? The chicks in the photo are changing almost from day to day. Tell how their feathers are different. What new face and head markings do you see on the crane on the right as she matures? Now click to their bio pages and scroll down to the end to read what Bev has observed: #927, #904

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).