No Go. Still Stuck (+0 Miles)
November 14, 2009: Migration Day 30

Read below for exciting news about the wild whoopers of the natural (Western) flock in migration!
Photo by Gordon Crockford

Anyone counting? It's Down-Day #9 in Winnebago County, Illinois.
Strong south east winds are blowing on the surface and aloft. Rain is likely as the winds swing around and come out of theNW tonight but if the rain stops and the northwinds prevail and aren't too strong, tomorow could see the planes and cranes head for Stopover #6. That means flying the historic 10,000 mile and a big celebration, carried live to you on Operation Migration's CraneCam.

Natural (Western) Flock Update: From Nebraska, Martha Tacha (USFWS) reports the exciting news: Mid week, at least 82 whoopers were counted among 3 stopover sites that included Salt Plains in Northern OK, Cheyenne Bottoms and Quivira NWR. Are any of the flock's 247 Whooping cranes still in Canada? Martha could not be sure, but noted 2 confirmed sightings in ND five days ago, and 2 cranes in central Nebraska as of yesterday. Meanwhile, biologist Tom Stehn (USFWS) flew over at Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, the Western flock's wintering grounds in Texas, where he counted 91 arrivals (87 adults, 4 young). "With this next cold front coming thtrough today and tomorrow, I expect many of the remaining birds will move south," said Martha. For both Whooping crane flocks and indeed all migratory birds, weather rules!

In the Classroom

  • Today is Saturday, your day off!

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).