Flight Launched, Turned Back (+0 Miles)
October 11, 2010: Migration Day 2

Operation Migration's live Trike Cam showed the landing and penning of the birds back at last night's travel pen after today's flight turned back due to bumpy air.

Another takeoff? Yes! More migration progress? No. The air upstairs got bumpy as they got airborne to Sauk County and stopover #2, and the young birds kept breaking away from their ultralight aircraft leader. Today's lead pilot (Joe) landed the birds and tried to re-launch, but #2-10 dropped out and refused to fly. The team didn't want to risk more dropouts, so they gave up for today. Tracker Bev Paulan fround #2 and boxed him up for the trip to the pen. Everybirdy is safely in the travel pen in south Juneau County. Tomorrow they'll try again.

Are you signed up for Operation Migration's Mile-a-Thon challenge? "So far, we've walked/run 160 miles in our race with the whoopers," reports Ms. Brunet from Mobile Jr. Academy in Alabama. "We need a good head start!"
(Make paper cranes like theirs.)

In the Classroom: Journal or Discussion

  • (a) Which bird do you think the team is most concerned about so far? Why? (b-for-bonus) What problems might have come up if the pilot had taken off again? Tell about a time when YOU tried something, had poor results, and then decided it would be better to wait and try again later. Was it a good decision for you? Explain.
  • Mapping and Charting: See the data link (at the left) to begin mapping the migration on your own classroom map. Chart the distance and begin to fill in the daily data chart, using a tally mark to show one fly-day and one no-fly day. It takes about 23 days of good flying conditions to reach the goal. Go Cranes!

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).