Headwinds Mean NO GO (+0 Miles)
October 12, 2010: Migration Day 3

Puppet gives treats in the travel pen on a no-fly day. Use a tally mark to add another no-fly day to the daily data chart.
Photo Operation Migration

Climbing in altitude as he headed over to the site of the birds in their travel pen, the pilot faced headwinds at 10 - 12 mph. That made Day 3 a rest day for the young cranes.

But the team gets no rest day! They are always busy. Intern Trish writes, "I feel like I’ve been practicing for migration for days and days. I keep going over the checklist: Costume, puppet, vocalizer, 2-way radio, tarp (aka "swamp monster"), air horn (in case the swamp monster isn’t enough). When the pilot takes off: Grab the decoy and jump into the shed. Take off costume and get dressed as swamp monster. Listen for instructions from the pilots. If a bird returns to the runway, run out and become swamp monster. Take separate vehicles out to the pen so if the birds split into groups, Geoff can follow one group and I can follow another." Today they won't need the equipment, but they'll still keep busy! What other jobs do you imagine the interns will be doing today?

In the Classroom: Journal or Discussion

  • (a) What part of an intern's job do you think you would like best? Least? Why? (b-for-bonus) Have you ever been on teams you think are too big or too small? Why did you feel that way? This year the migration team is smaller than in other years. The number of birds is smaller too. What do you think makes a team just the right size?
  • Making Comparisons: What are at least two ways in which this migration is different from last year's migration? Seeing this chart will help you answer.

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).