Onward to Stopover #6 (+54.5 Miles)
November 1, 2010: Migration Day 23

Hooray! The birds gained miles for the second day in row! Today's stop: Livingston County, IL. And here's the best part: From the public flyover location, Liz sent AMAZING news: "Brooke flew past with 9 cranes, followed by Richard with 2 birds." That means #2-10 is flying! Joe is following behind in the chase position, ready to lend a wing to any tired cranes.

Last week Mrs. Sharpe and her third graders said, "We would rather have #2 come sit at our "NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP TABLE" as it may inspire him to fly!" This is especially true after what happened to #2 in the pen yesterday. See his bio page for a story you won't want to miss, and you'll ALL be cheering for crane #2!

The TrikeCam broadcasts LIVE each day they fly.

In the Classroom:

  • (a) The cranes are doing great! Take a look at the data for last year's migration to compare with this year. "The 2009 migration reached Livingston County on ______. This year's migration arrived _____ than last year's. The number of stops left in Illinois is _______."
  • (b-for-a-blast) "Maybe birds are like people and have good days and bad ones," wrote Joe in the Field Journal. "The conditions October 29 were not that much different from yesterday. The air was a bit smoother and it wasn’t quite as cold, but other than that there seemed to be no reason why the last time we flew things fell apart while yesterday they fell into place." Think about a time when you tried something and had different results than you hoped for. What might explain it? Do you think birds have good days and bad days, too?

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).