South Winds Persist (+0 Miles)
November 9, 2010: Migration Day 31

Photo Operation Migration

The south winds have not changed, grounding the frustrated team. They arrived in in Piatt County, Illinois three days ago, and now we can see that takeoff on Operation Migration's video. To view, go back to the November 6 report. Meanwhile at the flock's Wisconsin summer home, tracker Eva announced the banding codes for the 2010 Direct Autumn Release (DAR) youngsters. Nine are still on the refuge, enjoying the recent unusually warm weather. The wild whoopers of the Western Flock are strung out in Canada and their U.S. flyway states. A few crane groups have been lingering at the same stopover site for 10 days or more! But the weather is soon changing, and the migrations will too. Stay tuned!

A Contest! Vote for Operation Migration today and every day until Dec. 31 in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge. You'll be helping them keep helping cranes!

In the Classroom: Journal or Discussion

  • (a) Through which states do the crane kids in the new Eastern Flock pass on their migration? Through which states to the wild cranes in the Western Flock pass on their migration? Why was the new eastern flock established in a separate location from the main flock? This page can help with the answers.
  • (b-for-bonus): Check out the bands for the Direct Autumn Release chicks. Which color do DAR birds wear that is NOT a color for the ultralight-led birds? Which young DAR cranes wear PTTs (satellite transmitters) in addition to the VHF radio transmitters? Usually only females get the PTTs because they wander more than the males. Is that true for the Class of 2010 DAR birds? What might go into the decisions about PTTs? This page can help.

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).