Migrating Again Today! (+63 Miles)
November 17, 2010: Migration Day 39

Photo: Caputred from Operation Migration TrikeCam Nov. 17, 2010

The Class of 2010 took off again for the second day in a row! Lead pilot Brooke Pennypacker launched with ten birds and another rodeo. He finally got away with seven birds on his wing. Joe and Richard worked to round up the last three and one bird landed out. Guess who? The good news is that ten birds and three trikes safely landed in Wayne County, Illinois. The Wayne County stopover has been skipped the last two years, and today was the first time at this stop on the new route. Today's flight gained 63 miles and the FINAL stop in Illinois. Did things go better today than yesterday? Yes, but find out what we mean when you read the story from pilot Joe Duff's field journal entry for yesterday. GO CRANES!
*Yesterday's miles were edited to 56.

In the Classroom: Journal or Discussion

(a) What shocking thing happened to #2-10 yesterday? What do you think his future will be like?

A value of journaling is that we can record details or thoughts so they aren't forgotten. Read pilot Joe Duff's journal entry from yesterday's difficult flight. Then choose and answer a question at the bottom of the page.

Migration Math What's the average distance traveled per day as of day 39 of this migration? TIP: Find a quick list of miles flown in four places: (1) Refer to your own chart if you are keeping one. (2) Click on "News" on the navigation bar at the top. (3) Click on "Daily News" at the link below. (4) Click on "Data" under the map on this page.

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