Fog and Mist (+0 Miles)
November 18, 2010: Migration Day 40

Photo: Operation Migration

No go. It rained during the night and a blanket of heavy mist and fog blankets the ground in Wayne County, Illinois this morning. Even though today's wind conditions are wonderful for flying, the fog is keeping them down.

In the Classroom: Journal or Discussion

(a) They arrived here yesterday (November 17) from Cumberland County, Illinois. Last year the birds didn't leave Cumberland County until December 4, which was Migration Day 50. How many migration days are they ahead this year? How many calendar days ahead?
Monday they flew nearly 2-1/4 hours and covered 56 miles. Tuesday they flew 1-3/4 hours and covered 63 miles. What factors do you think explain the differences? How do recent distances compare with those at the beginning of the migration?

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