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November 22, 2010: Migration Day 44

Photo: Trish Gallagher. Operation Migration

Well, the team didn't even need to get out of bed before they knew they'd be grounded again today. All night long they heard the loud whoosh of the wind rushing along the ground. It's even worse at flying altitude: winds out of the southwest at 50-60 mph. It's Down Day #5 in Wayne County, Illinois—one flight from the next state on the route. Hang in there with the team because the weather will always change.

In the Classroom: Journal or Discussion

(a) You are disappointed with another no fly day. What might the cranes be thinking? Write a caption for the photo above. By the way: If "your" crane doesn't have any new notes on its bio page, it's because he or she has been performing just GREAT. That means flying and following well, taking off and landing with no problems, and making no mischief in flight. Nothing could be better than that! But which crane is always a source of worry for the team?

(b-for-bonus) One of the ultralights weighs 423 pounds with no gas in the tank. How many kilograms does this ultralight weigh?

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