Down in Kentucky (+0 Miles)
November 24, 2010: Migration Day 46

Photo: Operation Migration

Weather today in Union County, Kentucky, is not flyable. While the team would like to make progress, yesterday's flight wore them out. In his field journal entry telling about that flight, pilot Richard said, "Ten birds in the air is better than 11 on the ground so we continued fighting the rough air at every toss and turn." It was not easy. Hoping for smoother air at higher altitudes, Richard tried to reach the other pilots by radio. He discovered his battery was dead! He and the ten birds were on their own in rough air. It was too late to turn back. But the birds were loyal and stuck with him. We can be grateful for Richard's expertise yesterday, and for the loyal birds who followed him! They probably appreciate a day to rest. Let us hope for progress tomorrow.

In the Classroom: Journal or Discussion

(a) Today's photo is from our report for day 46 three years ago. Click here to learn the gripping events from that week in the 2007 migration. What was happening?

(b-for-bonus) Today's bonus question is the one we asked on day 46 three years ago.It's still a good one to think about: The ultralight-led chicks have numbers instead of names. Do you think scientists should name animals they study? Write your opinion, then see this page to think more about names and labels in science.

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