Hello, TENNESSEE! (+116 Miles)
November 26, 2010: Migration Day 48

Photo Operation Migration

Yee-HAW! Skipping over a stop in good flying conditions, the birds and trikes crossed out of Kentucky today and landed in Carroll County, Tennessee! This is the longest flight distance yet for the Class of 2010. It was also the first time the lead pilot performed an air pickup by flying low past the pen at the moment of release instead of landing and taking off with the cranes! Today's lead pilot was Joe; they took off at 7:24 central time and landed at 10:10. Go cranes!

Last time #2-10 took off with the other but soon dropped out. Joe got him up again, but he dropped out a second time. He gave trackers quite a workout before they got him in the crate to drive him to Union County, KY. The ground crew's Trish wrote: "I have hoped and prayed and wished for #2 to fly with his flock mates. Each time we go, I wish him good flying. Each time he lands out, I track him down and hope for a better next time. But I’m finally facing the possibility that #2 just isn’t going to fly to Florida. And I wonder if it’s smart to keep chasing him down in fields and woods during hunting season. . .That was an ordeal! But at least he had another chance to fly." Did he fly today? See his bio page and scroll down to Day 48, Nov. 26. Check out #6-10's day, too!


Enjoy your day!


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