TWO Stops! GO CRANES! (+110 Miles)
December 7, 2010: Migration Day 59

Photo from Operation Migration TrikeCam
What makes a good stopover site for an ultralight-led migration?

Tally up another 110 miles! Pilot Brooke took off with the Class of 2010 and luck was with them. Flying one hour and 54 minutes, they skipped Lowndes County and flew on to Pike County. This is the final stop in Alabama! Last year they didn't reach this stop until after New Years, on January 6! The year before that (Class of 2009) they didn't reach Pike County until January 12. Can you feel the excitement? Woo HOOOOO! Have fun updating your Miles Flown journal pages. How many miles left?

In the Classroom: Journal or Discussion

(a) Look at the Data page (under the map) for the list of remaining stopovers. Fill in the blanks: "The next flight brings them to _______. There are ___ stopovers in this state. The next state they enter is_____, for the home stretch!"

(b-for-bonus) A military training base is nearby this Pike County stopover site. (You heard helicopters in the distance if you watched the landing on the TrikeCam at 9:48 CST.) List concerns and requirements you'd have if you were the pilot. Then compare your thoughts with Joe Duff's: What Makes a Good Stopover Site for an Ultralight-led Migration?

Migration History: As you read where the migration was on Day 59 three years ago, you'll get a big clue as to why the route changed in 2008. What is better about the new route they now travel?

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).