No Go in Crosswinds Aloft (+0 Miles)
December 8, 2010: Migration Day 60

 Second-grade teacher Lisa Harrison says: "We were so fortunate to have Joe Duff come and visit October 20. To thank Operation Migration for making Joe's visit possible, the parents from my class donated over $1,000 to sponsor 5.5 Illinois miles for the Mile Maker campaign!" See a slideshow of Joe Duff's visit to Mrs. Harrison's class last year. CONGRATULATIONS, second graders!

Richard's test flight this morning found strong crosswinds at 1,000 feet. Flying in such winds would mean over three hours to the next stop. The birds would also need to fight bumpy, "trashy" air down low. So Richard landed and the pilots tied down their planes for today in Pike County, Alabama.

Pilot Brooke describes what happened when they ran into “trashy” conditions yesterday: "As the trike bounced around, the birds began to get discouraged. On we went, trying to coax climb and follow out of this increasingly disgruntled flock. “Where is the smooth air you promised?" they peeped from behind and to the side of me. Finally five broke off and flew to Richard a hundred yards behind me and we all continued to claw our way out of the trash. At 1,000 feet we got our 30 mph push and at 1,500 feet it got smooth and the flight became an effort of peace and harmony.Skipping the next stop with this tailwind was a no brainer." No such luck today—but life is good.

In the Classroom: Journal or Discussion

(a) Pilot Joe Duff visited Mrs. Harrison's grade twp class last year during migration. You can "be there" with this slideshow: Operation Migration Visits Grade Two. After you look at the slideshow, tell two new things you learned! More photos.

(b-for-bonus) Yesterday we told you that a military training base is nearby this Pike County stopover site. Read what pilot Brooke later wrote about role this played in the landing and choose a journal question to answer.


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