Close, But Winds Still Too Strong (+0 Miles)
December 14, 2010: Migration Day 66

Photo Heather Ray, Operation Migration
Will the "St. Marks five" be home tomorrow? Here's a peek at the St. Marks release pen through the camouflage covering of the observation blind.
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A Second Winter Home: St. Marks NWR

They've wished for north winds every day of the migration. Now they have them, but the winds are TOO strong! It's down day three for our cranes, so close to their final goal. Only 28 miles keep the St. Marks five from their their new winter home at St. Marks NWR in Wakulla County, Florida. They'll be first to arrive home, but weather conditions still need to be ideal for their flight. Meanwhile, the "Chass Five" headed for Chassahowitzka NWR in Citrus County, FL also wait for their homebound flight. All ten birds are clueless about all the excitement and hope they are creating just a few miles away! Will it be tomorrow? Have you checked your favorite crane's bio page to see where your bird is going?

With St. Marks cranes going first, the NEXT flight for both groups will be an Arrival Flyover Event and celebration as the Class of 2010 completes this migration! (See directions to both celebrations here.)

In the Classroom: Journal or Discussion

(a) Where is YOUR favorite crane going? Check the bio page to find out. many cranes have completed their migration south. Are new wild-hatched chicks W3-10 and W1-10 among them?

(b-for-bonus) Six yearling cranes (Class of 2009) came back to "their" old St. Marks pen after completing their migration. They need to move on to other territory, as this pen is meant for the Class of 2010. Why do you think the team will be very watchful if older Whooping cranes are at the pen when the youngsters arrive?

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).