No Go: Test Flight's Verdict (+0 Miles)
October 23, 2011: Migration Day 15

View from the cockpit: trashy air  in.and rain moving in.

Pilot's view on test flight to Stopover #3 today: Poor flying weather ahead.
Image Captured from Operation Migration Live CraneCam

The test flight ran into trashy (bumpy) air and rain moving into the area. Can you see it on the photo above? The verdict: no departure today from Marquette County, Wisconsin.

As of this morning, trackers hadn''t heard a single peep from female #2-11, who dropped out of the October 21 flight and has been missing. From the Operation Migration office in Canada, Heather reminds us to read Geoff's comments about her from just before migration began. This good flier may have caught a thermal and soared with it. We hope the mystery will soon be solved with crane #2 found safe and sound.

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