No Go: Two Weeks! (+0 Miles)
November 18, 2011: Migration Day 41

Pilot Joe Duff and second graders look at Journey North's crane bio pages on a shool visit.

Image: Lisa Harrison

Winds from the west are blowing again at a strong 30 mph aloft. This makes an unbelievable, never-before two weeks of down days in the same spot. Meanwhile, classrooms everywhere are finding plenty to learn about these endangered cranes while they wait for the migration to move. For example, today's slideshow lets you pop into Mrs. Harrison's classroom during Operation Migration's visit on an earlier migration. Join them!

In the Classroom: Journal or Discussion

(a) Migration History: Where was last year's migration on Nov. 18? Where were they on Day 41 last year? Click here to find out. Write a summary statement and think about the reasons for differences in each migraiton's progress.
Click here for another look at the word list in Ms. Harrison's room. Which words can you define? Which ones can you still learn more about? (Journey North's Crane Glossary can help.)

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).