No Go: Windy and Rainy (+0 Miles)
November 25, 2011: Migration Day 48

This is a close look at a crane's eye.

What makes crane eyelids unlike yours?
Image:Eva Szyszkoski, ICF

"The long range forecast offers us little hope of a fast getaway from Piatt County," predicts Liz from camp. This is Day 5 here. Liz also pointed out that yesterday, Nov. 23, in 2010 "saw us three stops ahead in Union County, Kentucky and we ended up with a 78 day migration. In 2009 we were still back in Livingston County, IL, and finished the migration in 89 days. In 2008 we were right here in Piatt County and completed that year's journey in a total of 88 days." Anything can happen! Hang in there.

In the Classroom: Journal or Discussion

Happy Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend!


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