Countdown to Migration
September 24, 2012
Weekly Updates

The September 25 target date will not bring a departure after all, but later this week is likely. The migration destination for all six birds is St. Marks NWR in Florida. This year two planes will lead them, piloted by Brooke and Richard, while Project leader Joe Duff looks forward to a turn as tracker. The six young colts had a great training session yesterday, with many thrilled onlookers who had traveled from near and far to celebrate these young cranes at the Whooping Crane Festival in Berlin, Wisconsin on September 22-23. The Class of 2012 is looking good to go, and the crew is almost ready.

Watch for a news flash the day migration begins. Weather is the supreme ruler of this human-led migration, but the countdown is ON!

Young whooping cranes flying with ultralight plane
Image: Masako Pellerin


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