Migration Soars: Under 200 Miles To Go!
Monday, November 19, 2012
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Wow! Today the young cranes in the Class of 2012 reached the final stop in Alabama, only 187 miles from the finish line. Now at 914 miles gone, the migration has only 2 stopovers in Georgia and 1 in Florida before the big arrival event at St. Marks NWR. The team checked off a record-breaking six stopovers in the past spectacular week. Great tailwinds on Nov. 13 enabled them to skip right over two stops. That's progress! See how each bird performed by checking their life story pages for the week's newest photos and details.

What state border will they cross on their next flight? What's your prediction for their arrival date at St. Marks? Keep up with daily reports on Operation Migration's site. We'll be back with our next summary Nov. 27 (one day later than usual).

Five cranes in Class of 2012 fly with their ultralight-airpcraft leader on migration.
Image: Sarah Jones


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Migration progress as of Nov. 12, 2012
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